Personal Paint 

PPaint 7.3
Available from AMIStore

Personal Paint 7.3c
released on 5 March 2019


● Works with Classic systems: OS 3.0, 3.1 and 3.9
● Works with WinUAE and distributions such as AmigaSYS
● True colour animation frame thumbs in the story board window
● High resolution gadget imagery
● Thin borders style GUI option for a more modern look
● 9 new built in brush shapes
● 100 new Custom Brushes
● Pressure sensitive drawing
● Dithered transparency
● New: Airbrush Linemode
● New: polygon mode added to grab brush tool
● Extended paint functionality with image processing tool

Required Hardware

● Amiga 500, 500+, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 4000T
● 1MB Memory
● Kickstart 3 or later
● Hard disk drive with 10MB or more free space

Recommended / Optional Hardware

● AGA capable Amiga computer: 1200 or 4000
● Amiga 500 Plus users: 2MB Graphics (Chip) Memory Upgrade
● Amiga 600 users: 2MB Graphics (Chip) Memory Upgrade
● RTG graphics card
● 68020 CPU or better

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Digital Download Payment and Pricing

● Product price in GBP Sterling
● Payment accepted by Paypal
● Customers outside EU/UK pay GBP 16.31
● Customers within EU/UK pay GBP 16.31 plus local VAT

Please contact us if you wish to pay by bank transfer or you have EU VAT ID.

Distibution Versions

● Digital download version from or AMIStore App Store.
● Boxed CD version from Amiga Kit™ Amiga Store™
● Hard Drive optionally pre-installed with latest PPaint: A600, A1200 & A4000

Available from AMIStore

PPaint 7.1c for AmigaOS 3.x

NOTE: The PPaint version 7.1c supplied here is an old discontinued release provided without support. The latest supported version 7.3 is now available on AMIStore natively compiled for AmigaOS 3 and AmigaOS 4 platforms.

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